Research, at your fingertips

Our flexible advertising offerings are just one part of our services. Our offerings are underpinned by a deep level of research into our partners’ potential target markets.

Our internal local research team connects to, and is part of, the global ViacomCBS Networks research team based in New York, providing potential advertisers with unprecedented access to market insights.

Using our very own online communities and commissioned research, we empower partners with data and insights about their potential audiences. Use of these insights ensures that your advertising message hits all the right spots when it comes to targeting.

In addition to this, our Global Consumer Insight studies not only allow us to create engaging and relevant content for brands, but empower our partners to effectively reach their potential customers on our platforms and channels.

A number of our consumer insight studies include general consumer behavior across kids, youth, adults and families, content consumption trends across platforms, as well as attitudinal trends towards relevant topics.

We offer select partners this invaluable research, as well as the option to commission specific research studies accessing our very own online insight communities, as an added-benefit for being a valued ViacomCBS Networks Africa partner.

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