Channel 129

Dark Secrets Lead To Deadly Sins.

Many have heard of the ruthless figure called Mr. Vorster that sits on the throne of a criminal empire, yet no one realises it’s in fact a woman fondly known by her community as Mother Mary.

Mary hides in plain sight, pretending to be a philanthropic socialite who takes in unwanted delinquent children and cares for them in the HOUSE OF GRACE, a centre for “at risk” youth on the East Rand of Johannesburg, called Vosloorus.

But behind the facade lurks a cold-hearted criminal; a woman who is not above fraud, murder or trafficking children in an illegal adoption ring.
She is untouchable. Or so she thinks.

Primary themes: Truth, belonging, pretence, self-acceptance. The show is centred on the duel personalities our core characters display. For Mary, the façade between her good and evil persona and for Gabriel it is his journey of self-acceptance and his fight for redemption as our flawed hero.

FAMILY also serves as major theme. ISONO is the story of a dysfunctional family and a heroic son who searches within himself for the strength to stand up against a powerful and evil matriarch who will stop at nothing to serve her own needs.

Sub-themes; Corruption, True Love, Secrets, Forbidden Love, Tragedy, Brotherhood, Justice, Sacrifice and betrayal.